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Dog Licensing

Licensing your dog is a part of our state law and is required when your dog reaches three months of age. Licensing also provides a means of reuniting lost pets with their owners. I hope you find this information helpful and worthwhile. Should you have any questions about dog licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When? All dogs over 3 months of age must be licensed each year before the 31st of January. When you obtain an older dog you have 30 days to purchase a tag without paying a penalty. However, a tag should be purchased immediately in order to avoid possible Municipal Court non-licensure fines.

Cost? A dog license can be purchased for the duration of 1 or 3 years or for the entire life of the dog. A kennel license (good for 1 year) can also be purchased. In order to purchase the kennel license, you must be engaged in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or for sale in order to qualify for this type of license. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED IN THE AUDITOR'S OFFICE

Dog Tag Application

Online Dog Licensing
Duration of license Cost - Before Jan 31st Cost - After Jan 31st
1 year license $15.00 $30.00
3 year license $45.00  
Permanent license, does not expire $150.00  
1 year kennel license for 5 dogs
Every additional dog costs $1.00
Every additional dog costs $1.00


Where? Monday through Friday at the County Auditor's Office in the Courthouse, or by mail using the dog application. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED IN THE AUDITOR'S OFFICE. Please go to Forms / Publications to apply for a dog tag (under misc licenses). Starting December 2013, The Van Wert County Auditor's Office will also offer dog tags online during regular sale dates.

Additional sales locations: dog tags are only sold between December 1st and January 31st. These locations will not sell dog tags thereafter. Three year and Permanent tags are only sold in the Auditor's office during December and January.

Name & Address Phone
Van Wert County Sheriff Dept.
113 N. Market St.
Van Wert, OH-45891
(419) 238 3866
Starting February 2018
Hall Lumber Co.
122 S. Main St
Convoy, OH-45832
(419) 749 2119
Ohio City Express
511 W. Carmean St.
Ohio City, OH-45874
(419) 965 9292
Ramblers Roost
18191A Lincoln Highway
Middle Point, OH-45863
(419) 968 2118
Van Wert Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Tapp)
11251 Van Wert Decatur Rd
Van Wert, OH-45891
(419) 238 2434
Animal Clinic (Dr. Wilken)
13995 Lincoln Hwy
Van Wert, OH-45891
(419) 238 3931
Emme Lu's Pet Wellness Center
7079 US Route 127
Van Wert, OH-45891
(419) 232 2101
Dog House Grooming & Supplies
117 N. Washington St.
Van Wert, OH-45891
(419) 232 3647
J&A Merchandising
200 Walcott St.
Willshire, OH-45898
(419) 236 0704
Delphos Ace Hardware Rental
242 N. Main St.
Delphos, OH-45833
(419) 692 0921